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House and carpet deep cleaning

MZM Diamond Shine Ltd. is a family-run business providing a wide range of cleaning services. We have many years of cleaning experience and currently we clean all over the North East of England. Our friendly and reliable cleaning specialists are fully trained, DBS checked, and covered by our insurance.
We are the cleaners you have been looking for. Let us take care of your cleaning tasks.

  •  21/02/2022 20:09

We will share our recipe so you can make a floor cleaner yourself which will not damage your floor, will leave it shiny (but not slippery), and fresh

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  •  10/02/2022 11:58

We would like to introduce vinegar free product you can make yourself and we use in our cleaning.

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  •  01/02/2022 11:16

We will share our tips on how to make a granite worktop cleaner that will not cost you much and will still do the same job as expensive specially designed products

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  •  16/01/2022 21:09

Whilst many cleaning experts and influencers call for the white vinegar to clean on a budget you would need to know what you should NEVER clean with it

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  •  02/01/2022 16:45

While we can't imagine our lives without the washing machine it is very important to clean it from time to time.

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  •  20/11/2021 21:48

No matter how often you prefer doing regular cleaning we hope our checklists will become handy. We make home cleaning simple and hope you will enjoy it.

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  •  13/11/2021 21:32

We all must have or have had a plastic cutting board in our kitchens with those stains which will not come off regardless how hard you try…

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  •  13/11/2021 21:10

Daily cleaning helps to keep your offices nice, clean and tidy.

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  •  06/11/2021 21:12

We all are living busy lives and not everyone has time for cleaning. Hope this checklist will help you to get on a routine

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  •  06/11/2021 20:24

If you have decided to do the cleaning yourself (whether it would be a one off clean or a regular clean) our cleaning supply and product checklist will definitely help you to get prepared.

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  •  05/11/2021 17:50

Step-by-step guide and some of our tips will definitely help you.

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Call us on 01914357462 or 07752032025. You can also email us, or simply fill in the contact form.
The answer is - yes, we do. We will have everything we need to carry out the cleaning for you
We will always make sure that cleaning will NOT cost you a fortune. We do not ask for deposit payments. We charge an hourly rate starting from ONLY £14.00 all year round. The hourly rate for extreme cleaning is higher - could be discussed over the phone or by email. Carpet cleaning is priced per room.
It purely depends on your requirements and the size of the property. Regular cleans can take 2-4 hours; deep cleans will take much longer. This can be discussed over the phone or by email.
Yes, all our cleaning specialists hold up to date DBS certificates.
Usually, we work in pairs but this can be discussed to meet your needs. For deep cleans and bigger jobs, there will always be at least  two cleaning specialists with you.
We do have a steam cleaner and it will be used upon your request.
Yes, we do. We can clean the hob and inside the oven (including oven racks) and we call it basic oven clean as the appliance does not get taken apart when cleaned.
We operate 7 days a week. Weekend cleans are charged at the same hourly rate as weekday services. 
Both (or any of them) requirements need special requests put through at the time of the booking.
Should you wish to complain about anything, this needs to be done within 24hours after completion of the clean.
Yes, it can be. Original quotes are based on our cleaning experience and are approximate. The final amount payable can increase if more intense cleaning turns out to be needed than originally requested or some details about the state of the property (carpets and upholstery if booked) have not been mentioned.
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