10 Feb

Cleaning hardwood floors might be tricky so you might tend to buy a specifically designed product but hang on! You will see they are not cheap and if your floors need to be cleaned quite often your purse will feel it. We would like to introduce vinegar free product you can make yourself and we use in our cleaning.

What you’ll need:                

     ▪ teaspoon of liquid or castile soap                

     ▪ water                 

     ▪ few drops of your favorite essential oils (if you want to add some freshness)                 

     ▪ spray bottle                 

     ▪ microfiber mop                 

     ▪ you can save on spray bottle and microfiber mop by getting a spray mop 

Take all ingredients and add them to the spray bottle (or spray mop). Shake gently. Spray over the surface and mop. 

Yes, it’s so easy and we hope you’ll find it handy.

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