• Dusting down ceilings, windowsills, blinds and removing cobwebs from the corners
  • Cleaning the window frames, windows
  • Wiping down radiators
  • Cleaning all the mirrors and glass
  • Wiping down all the doors, doorframes, handles, touchpoints
  • Removing the dust from skirting boards and wiping them down
  • Thoroughly hoovering of all floors. Hard floors will be mopped
  • Degreasing and wiping all the kitchen cupboards, drawers inside and out as well as worktops, appliances, hob, tiles on the wall, and backsplashes
  • Descaling and scrubbing taps, sinks, toilets, baths, and/or showers. Tackling and removing of mold if there is any
  • Taking out rubbish

You might find our blog post handy if you are considering doing end of tenancy cleaning yourself. 

person holding cleaning products