06 Nov

We all are living busy lives where not everyone has time for cleaning. However, if you have a small daily cleaning routine your property will not need a deep clean so often. You could save some money on that too. It’s not taking much time of your day once you get on a routine. Print this checklist out and stick it on the fridge (maybe other people in your household will want to join and help you 😊). 

  • In the kitchen - put away all the dishes
  • Declutter all the surfaces and wipe them down
  • Sweep up the floor
  • In the bathroom - hang up towels
  • Return all the clutter to their places
  • Wipe down the sink, countertops, and mirror (which always get splattered)
  • In the living room - remove extra items and clutter
  • Fold throws and straighten up cushions
  • In the bedroom make the bed
  • Put away clothes
  • Declutter bedside cabinets

Look… It’s not that hard as it might seem to, the more you do it the more of a habit it will become. If you ever struggle - remember there are professional cleaners available.

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