05 Nov

We would not recommend doing it yourself as the level of cleanliness might not meet your landlords'/letting agencies' expectations.

Here are some tips and a step-by-step guide that will help. Then you can decide whether to do it yourself or hire a cleaning professional. 

Some tips before you start 

  • Make sure the property is empty from personal belongings, furniture.
  • Get all the appropriate cleaning products and equipment ready. If you consider doing the carpet cleaning yourself, you will also need to hire a professional carpet cleaning machine.
  • Make a checklist to work through.
  • Clean a room by room!

 It looks like an easy job to be done, not? Here comes the headache. 

Step by step guide on how to do your end of tenancy clean

  • Start by dusting down ceilings, windowsills, blinds and removing cobwebs from the corners.
  • Clean the window frames, windows. No marks or streaks to be left.
  • Wipe down radiators.
  • Clean all the mirrors and glass.
  • Wipe down all the doors, doorframes, handles.
  • Remove the dust from skirting boards and wipe them down.
  • Thoroughly hoover all floors. Mop all hard flooring.
  • Degrease and wipe all the kitchen cupboards, drawers inside and out as well as worktops, appliances, tiles on the wall and backsplashes.
  • Check kitchen walls for any food marks or dirt. Cleaning products might remove the paint as well - be careful when wiping them down. 
  • Clean the oven and hob. Oven cleaning might be tricky as you will have to have a strong chemical cleaning product that needs extra attention when used
  • Descale and scrub taps, sinks, toilets, baths, and/or showers. Tackle and remove mold if there is any. Clean the tiles in the bathroom, do not forget about the grout as well.
  • Do a walk-through.
  • Take out rubbish.

Sounds too much? Do not worry. You always have another option...

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