16 Jan

Whilst many so called cleaning experts and influencers call for the white vinegar to clean on a budget you would need to know what you should NEVER clean with it. We are here to shed some light and will tell you what to substitute it with and how to make your own cleaner. 


First of all, you should never clean granite and marble countertops. White vinegar can damage these surfaces as contains acid. We would suggest other cleaning products, such as washing up liquid or soapy water. Learn how to make the cleaner yourself.

Secondly, hardwood floors. The acidy consistency of the white vinegar can damage your hardwood floors’ finish. As we all know, those kinds of floors are not cheap so we would suggest using a special cleaner for hardwood floors. Yes, it might not be as cheap as white vinegar but at least will not damage your expensive flooring. Make your cleaner.

Lastly, natural stone floors. White vinegar is a definite NO! Stone floors will not like the acid it contains. Instead of that, we suggest purchasing and using special cleaning products designed for your natural stone floor or make it yourself.


Mirrors. The vinegar can get behind the thin coat and cause corrosion. Use glass cleaner which doesn’t contain vinegar alongside a soft cloth. 

Dishwashers and washing machines. A lot of us probably have tried using white vinegar already but please do not anymore. Its’ consistency can cause rubber and any plastic parts to corrode which will lead to leaks. Instead, we suggest using special appliance cleaners (which are not too pricey to be fair). 

Eggs or egg stains. White vinegar will not help at all. It will stiffen the egg and make it even harder to remove. Instead, we recommend cleaning it up as soon as possible with soapy water. If it has become a little stubborn, soak it for a while with the same soapy water and then rub it out/off with a clean soft cloth. 

Wood furniture. It can eat off the furniture finishing coat and leave streaks. We suggest using a special wood cleaner.

We truly hope you will read this and make a note before using white vinegar.

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